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An industrial mezzanine is an elevated storage platform installed in a warehouse or industrial facility. These steel-made structures are freestanding and simple to move or disassemble. Stainless steel and carbon steel are both used to build industrial mezzanines. Mezzanines are simple to custom design to accommodate extra floor space, such as a second or modular office. Read More…

Industrial Mezzanines Industrial mezzanines are raised platforms that are used by a wide variety of industrial companies to create extra space for many applications. All industrial operations are concerned with efficiency.

As a manufacturer of mezzanines, including inplant modular offices, exterior steel buildings, guard buildings, fork liftable and crane liftable buildings, multi-level buildings and mezzanines, Abtech offers turnkey installations or packages for install by end user. Our modular structures are constructed of steel, are free-standing & manufactured under strict quality control methods.

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Since 1982, Equipment Roundup Manufacturing has manufactured products such as mezzanines. Our mezzanine structures include mezzanine systems, mezzanine floors, industrial mezzanines & plant mezzanines.

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Are you looking for a ready-to-use mezzanine? Our team can handle the design and install so that when we're done, it is ready for you to go to work. When you choose PWI we drastically increase your workspace, in many cases customers create new work or additional storage space. Our steel mezzanines are an affordable alternative to new construction and ensures you are getting the most out of your...

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Since 1985, Donobrog has been providing low cost easy mezzanines, inplant offices, pick modules, pallet racking and shelving systems…. “Turn Key – New and Used””. Sales, Engineering, Fabrication and Installation. Our labor also can tear down, move, re-assemble and repair existing storage systems. Contact us to discuss your facility improvements.

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ResinDek® flooring is the solution for mezzanines, work platforms, pick module flooring, and equipment storage. ResinDek® panels have been installed in distribution centers, manufacturing plants, cold storage facilities and many other applications because of its strength, durability, versatility, and variety.

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Since 1995, Panel Built has been a leading manufacturer and distributor of modular buildings. Our booths and partitions are available in a wide range of materials including solid phenolic, metal powder-coated, and high-pressure laminate. Panel Built also has an extensive list of washroom accessories including, but not limited to waste receptacles, combo towel waste unites, and grab bars. If our...

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Food Industry Mezzanine

Mezzanine systems can be a useful solution to expand work or storage space inside a warehouse. Manufacturers can use mezzanines to optimize overhead space. Under the mezzanine, storage or other uses are possible, like storage. Owners of warehouses can select from a variety of mezzanine solutions. These days, integrated or freestanding systems are used the most. Some mezzanines may come with industrial powder coating paint to produce a long-lasting surface. Modular offices and cargo rooms can both employ mezzanines.

Utilizing vertical space with mezzanines can help companies increase their manufacturing potential. Large manufacturing capacity guarantees increased profitability without the need for expensive horizontal growth.

Many facilities, including customer fulfillment centers and manufacturing facilities, use these industrial steel work platforms to use all available space and add a good working area. For example, a storage facility or distribution center can use the full floor area to accommodate bulkier logistical gear with little disruption. In addition, the existing above space can be used for control rooms or offices. Freeing up space not only creates a safer and more effective environment but also makes it simpler to complete unnoticed jobs.

Freestanding Mezzanine

A facility must have sufficient span requirements to optimize its useable space and comply with local laws to incorporate a steel mezzanine or other materials, by offering businesses specially built industrial mezzanines or a work platform for production areas, clean rooms, or to give safe access for material handling and foot traffic.

Since a mezzanine is an intermediate floor between the main floors of a building, it is not included in the total number of floors. Mezzanine floor systems are often erected within structures, built between two original, permanent stories, and are semi-permanent. These structures are freestanding, which makes it possible to deconstruct and transfer them.

Steel, aluminum, and fiberglass are used to construct commercially available mezzanine structures. A mezzanine's decking or flooring may be built of heavy-duty steel, aluminum, or fiberglass grating together with b-deck underlayment.

Steel Mezzanine

Offices can be positioned above or below a mezzanine built into the shop's tall roof. Mezzanines are used in commercial activities like manufacturing, distribution, and warehousing. These buildings have high ceilings, enabling the vertical cube to use unused space.

Industrial mezzanine structures often allow for high-density storage within the mezzanine structure and can be either structural, roll formed, rack-supported, or shelf-supported.

Mezzanine Benefits For Warehouses

Increased Storage Space: Instead of expanding outward, warehouses can grow upward with storage mezzanines. The facility will have more room for work and storage as a result. Installing vertical mezzanines immediately adds storage space.

Cost-Effective: Mezzanines will unquestionably spare the cost of relocation or horizontal expansion because they are significantly less expensive than a new building. One can consider moving or acquiring a secondary site when the firm starts outgrowing its current area, whether because of the number of employees on-site or the amount of storage space needed for merchandise. However, this poses financial and logistical difficulties that Manufacturers can avoid by installing a mezzanine quickly and affordably.

Planning permission help: Building regulations must be complied with when installing mezzanine floors. Choosing an experienced company that will conduct a free site survey and ensure complete legal compliance while constructing the structure is a good idea.

Versatile and easy to relocate: Mezzanine designs offer an adaptable space to accommodate a company's unique requirements, from office space and break rooms to packing areas and overflow racking. Mezzanines can be modified or disassembled reasonably easily. The mezzanine level can be disassembled and moved to a new location if the firm continues to grow. Even if the new warehouse's layout is entirely different, modular designs make it simple to convert the existing mezzanine to its new location. Cold-rolled steel pieces, which are lighter and easier to handle than typically rolled steel joists, are used to manufacture the mezzanine’s flooring.

Quick Integration: Mezzanine installation takes less time than other warehouse expansion options since planning and design are straightforward. Thanks to its versatility, Manufacturers can integrate important machinery. For instance, a pallet gate or elevator can be provided for simple floor-to-floor movement.

Choosing the Correct Industrial Mezzanine Supplier

To make sure you have the most beneficial outcome when purchasing Industrial Mezzanines from an Industrial Mezzanine Supplier, it is important to compare at least 4 or 5 Companies using our Industrial Mezzanine directory. Each Industrial Mezzanine Manufacturer has a business profile page that highlights their areas of experience and capabilities and a contact form to directly communicate with the manufacturer for more information or request a quote. Review each Industrial Mezzanine company website using our proprietary website previewer to get an idea of what each business specializes in, and then use our simple RFQ form to contact multiple Industrial Mezzanine businesses with the same message.

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A mezzanine is an intermediate floor installed in a building between the main floor and the ceiling that is partly open to the main floor. They have a low ceiling and project out over the main floor but do not completely cover it...

Mezzanine Floors

Mezzanine Floors

A mezzanine floor is a middle floor that is installed between the ceiling and the ground floor to provide extra space for storage, assembly operations, or office space. The normal design for a mezzanine floor is 25% of the flooring of a building or smaller...

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Modular Buildings

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