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Industrial mezzanines serve primarily as functional structures that are installed within existing buildings. With all that space between the ground floor and the ceiling of manufacturing and processing facilities and warehouses, there is plenty of room to create another story to increase storage or work area. Full mezzanines are connected to the building and extend out from it width or length wise; island mezzanines are completely unconnected to the building’s walls, and inverted island mezzanines wrap around the interior perimeter. In its most basic design, a mezzanine is a raised platform consisting of flooring supported by beams or channels. Railings border the platform’s edges, and stairs lead up from the ground floor to the mezzanine floor.

Mezzanine manufacturers offer a variety of designs and building materials, including aluminum, cold-rolled steel, structural steel, stainless steel and fiberglass, to meet custom mezzanine needs. Accessories include shelving systems, drawer units, safety access gates, catwalks and pallet drop areas for complete mezzanine systems that can also be offered in combination with modular offices. For the toughest equipment or storage platform, steel I-beams and reinforcements are used.

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